Julz Ice Cream and Candies, formerly known as Naidu’s Ice cream has been a family-owned business in West Sacramento for the past 30+ years. We are a wholesale Novelty warehouse specializing in brand names like Blue Bunny, Good Humor, Its It, Wonder, Popsicle, M & M Mars, Helados, and Rich’s to name a few. We serve the local ice cream truck vendors, schools, churches, company picnics, and the general public in any event that needs ice cream.
My father, Mr. Naidu, started as an ice cream vendor on the streets of Dixon, California, 30 years ago. We all grew up selling ice cream on the streets of Dixon. As soon as we got our driver’s license, our father gave us an ice cream truck to teach us responsibility and the value of a hard-earned dollar. Even until this day, we are known as THE ICE CREAM family in Dixon. I remember throwing candies out from the trucks at the Dixon Mayfair Parade. Good times!
Today our pride and joy is this wholesale novelty warehouse, which is operated by my husband, Ravi, my two sons, Shivam and Avineet, and me, Julz.

No matter what the weather is, ice cream is a treat that everyone loves to eat. Stop by and check us out!